Dear Mommy, you need to take care of yourself

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Hi mommy,

I hope it’s okay that I’m writing you a letter.

Usually you are so busy, so tired and overwhelmed that you barely listen to me at all.

I figured my best shot was this letter.

I love you Mommy. I love you for who you are and just as you are.

But what I love about you most Mommy, is when you have the time and energy to see me and hear me.

I see you Mommy, trying to get everything done around the house.

I know you do lots for us. You wash our clothes and cook us meals. You drop us off and pick us up. You bathe us. You shop for us and make sure we have clothes and shoes.

But Mommy, I need you to love me. I need you to love all of me. Good and not so good. I need you to love my big meltdowns. I need your love and your attention.

But you’re always so busy Mommy.

I hate to see you like this running around like a chicken without a head

When I see trying to be all things to all people, but forget yourself,


You are important too Mommy

You Mommy, are one of the most important person in our lives.

But I have a secret to tell you. You are the most important person in your own life.

Why don’t you take care of yourself, Mommy?

Don’t you know that you cannot fill from an empty tank.

You need gas Mommy.

What is it that gives you gas?

Can you name those things you can do for yourself that will give you the energy, drive, and motivation to be your best you?

We need you Mommy to fill your tank so that you can fill ours.

Have you noticed that when you fill your tank you are more patient with us. Those things that nourish your mind, body and soul make you more present.

We need you to be more present. Your presence is all we want. Not just your physical presence.

It’s not about you just taking care of our physical needs. We have emotional needs too.

When you take care of your own not only are you teaching us how to do the same, you are showing us its importance.

So please mommy, take good care of yourself so you can take better care of us too.

WIth love,

Your child

With much Love, Wendy

Wendy Reis

Hi there and Welcome! My name is Wendy and I love to craft, organize and make my home beautiful. This blog started when I was overtired, overwhelmed and overstressed! I needed to do something to control the chaos. Along my journey, I decided that everything I was learning and doing to create my own happy home and happy life, could help you too! So here I am, sharing everything I know and everything I have learned so you can also live a less stressed, less chaotic and happier life! You will find everything here from crafting and DIY tips, to organizing, managing and maintaining a home, to personal growth, self-care, and all things parenting and family related! Let's dive in! If you like what you see and read, be sure to subscribe! xoxo Wendy

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